Inch Community Blog

Welcome to the Inch Heritage site

A warm welcome to the Inch Heritage site. Welcome to inchheritage.orgWe’ve been working hard over the last few weeks, taking feedback and tweaking this virtual exhibition. We hope you find something of interest and we would like to thank all the contributors for their photos, stories, documents and archives. We will be facilitating the community...
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Co-production Public Forum

Before starting the Inch Island project a public forum was set up in the local community centre to give an overview of the project and identify interest. A key part of this forum is to get feedback and allow the community to steer the project towards whats important in the story of the island. A...
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CINE Project

This work and content is part of the CINE transnational project. Essentially its a digital heritage project funded by the Northern Periphery and Arctic 2014-2020. The CINE project has one main goal. ‘See the Past, Imagine the Future’ To do this we use various technologies and web tools to help visualise heritage and...
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